8 July 2015
Aegina, Nisi, Greece

Greece, pictures and words are not enough to describe the magic of this place. People talk about how nice it is and how good it is, it is not until you get here and feel it for yourself. The air, the smells, the sounds, pleasant 25-30 degrees, THE FOOD! a complete immersion into a different culture... Pure bliss...

We are staying on a tiny island about an hour ferry trip from Athens at my girlfriends Yia Yias (grandma) house. The perfect sized home built brick by brick overlooking the ocean and there pistachios farm. 
The local streets are full of life long friends, family and relatives. Quite often they just pop over to say yasou (hello) or for a bite to eat.
So far the Greeks are some of the most generous people I have ever met, they have opened there homes and hearts to a smelly Australian, people I have bearly met treat me like family! 

Driving down the back roads makes you bite your bottom lip in angst, just big enough to fit 1 car with scrape marks up the walls from the car mirrors is defiantly eye opening.

The water of the mediterranean is breath taking, the concept of being able to swim as far as you can sea and not worry about sharks is insane, compared to Australia where you have the underlying thought of the jaws music play in your head.

Each sunset is better then the last, turning more red and orange with each passing second...
So far we have spent each sunset overlooking the ocean with my girlfriends cousins and relatives at one of the mot beautiful home I have ever seen. Enjoying the amazing food drinks. I think it is safe to say life is most defiantly gooooooooood! 

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